Care & Cleaning Guide

Kitchen Art CabinetryCare & Cleaning Guide

As with all wood products avoid excessive moisture exposure. KitchenArt cabinets are made to be used indoors only. DO NOT install outdoors. Any non-abrasive finish can be used to clean KitchenArt cabinetry. We recommend an emulsion-type of cleaner (Murphy’s Oil Soap is a good choice). The cleaning agent should be free of wax, petroleum, and silicones.

*Always use a clean, lint free cloth when cleaning or polishing cabinets.

Everyday Care

It is important to wipe any excess water or spills that may occur. Over time permanent damage may occur if water is left to stand and penetrate surface. Do not drape wet or damp cloths over the handles or knobs (hardware) of cabinets as this could cause water damage on door or drawer underneath.


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